I used to put the DVD in the player, close the door, hear the motor hum for a second and then get a menu on the screen. Now I close the door, hear the motor hum for a second, pause of silence, then motor hum, then repeat until I turn off the DVD player. Soooo, do I assume the DVD player is fried and let Tommy take it apart for fun?

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  1. I think the big question is, is the player actually just rejecting the movie you’re putting in?

    If it’s anything with Adam Sandler or Jennifer Lopez…..you might try switching movies.

  2. Interesting blog.

    It is most certainly delving into the mundane of home life.

    What I find most curious is the photograph you have included in your profile of you in, what is that? a mere bra!

    Goodness, that is certainly NOT mundane!

    carry on, knoxvillian!

  3. Let me try cleaning the heads first.

    The part of the story that Cathy left out is that shortly after we bought the DVD player I picked up an unusual looking CD that had no label on it. I put it in to see what it was. When I got a computer directory I thought it peculiar so I opened the DVD player to find white stuff oozing from the middle of this thicker than normal dvd.

    Turns out, someone had used elmer’s white glue to try to bond polyethalene which just plain won’t work. Having researched the bonding of plastics in trying to get the rubber ends to stay on juggling clubs without melting the plastic I found Elmer’s Glue All to be best (Super Glue eats the plastic but probably would have worked in this case).

    So.. despite my cleaning effort, there could be glue in there still.

  4. My phone line got struck by lightning for the second time in 3 months recently… It fried my DVD/surround sound system among other things.

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