Since I want to give equal time to each of the children, today I’ll talk about Amy and school. Doug attended every single prenatal appointment and after rubbing my back and catering to me while I was in early labor at the house, he stayed right by my side during the entire delivery and hospital stay. He is the most loving and involved father ever and although he loves all the children, Amy has him wrapped around her little finger. She has never had a babysitter other than her grandparents. She was one-year-old before she spent a night away from us. Recently my mother suggested that Amy start a Mother’s Day out program so she can play with other toddlers one day a week. Doug’s eyes bugged out of his head like Roger Rabbit and he said “She’ll catch colds and flu from the other children.” Like our children don’t get exposed to every germ out there. He spends so much time with Amy that I fully expect him to enroll in Kindergarten and sit beside her with a shield her entire school career.

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  1. Dean is absolutely right. My kids were in daycare at fairly early ages because both me and my wife worked. They caught everything while there, and our lives were blur of rotovirus and RSV for a couple years (each) but since they got to be about 4 years old, none of them have caught anything hardly serious enough to even stay home from.

    Although BrainyBoy had walking pneumonia last year, but he caught that from me…

    We’ve had a bad stomach-virus-free house for almost 2 years now 🙂


  2. When Cathy makes these kind of posts it gets me concerned that she has a boyfriend because she surely isn’t talking about me!

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