Today is my parents’ 40th anniversary. My mother surprised my father with 4 tickets to today’s UT football game (he surprised her with ruby earrings). Their plan was to take my brother and his wife while I babysat my neice and nephew but they already had plans. Their back-up plan was to take some of their friends, but being a holiday weekend everyone had company or travel plans. Their very last option was to invite Doug and I. Since we haven’t been on a date in many, many months this was appealing even if I don’t love sports. However, we have never used a babysitter and the odds of finding one for tonight were someplace between slim and none. Add to that the difficulty of explaining Tommy and the odds of his trying to manipulate the sitter and it just wouldn’t work for Doug and I to go out together. The final decision was that Doug and Tommy would go to the game while I stay home and do a week’s worth of laundry. If you go to the game, my family will be the four people dressed in identical orange shirts.

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  1. How nice of you to stay home. Yah laundry stinks BUT what a nice thing for you to do. If you were here, I would be your sitter for the night. I just had Genuine’s children…a few more wouldn’t hurt!

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