I have to head downtown for an appointment today and as I drive past Cherokee Country Club I’ll look to see if the Smith/Coughlin House mysteriously burned down (it works for the Fort Sanders slumlords) or accidently got bulldozed during the night (they can afford the fines). I may disagree with what they want to do and why they want to do it but I think it’s their bad decision to make. We should let them make more parking spaces for their Hummers. The natural consequences are the lessons they are teaching tehir children. After their graves have been moved repeatedly because ‘it’s wasteful to use valuable for land for the dead’ they can look down (or up) and see their ancestors forget them and everything else old and worthless.

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  1. Are those people demented??? Once a building like that is gone, it’s gone forever. The CCC would be better off demolishing one of their newer buildings and renovating the mansion to use. God knows there are plenty of historic places that have fancy dining in them or are used to hold functions such as weddings etc. Seems to me that they are really being shortsighted.

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