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  1. Although, you know, my first thought when I saw that photo was the quote from “Look Who’s Talking”…


    (just kidding)

  2. B–you’d best hope L isn’t with you when you confirm Cathy’s identity…cause if she is, you’d better call me cause I want to hear the explanation for that one! 🙂

    And Cathy–woo-hoo! A little PG-13 in the blog…gotta love it!

  3. But I’ve breastfed there and while walking through the mall window shopping. 🙂 It only gets difficult when you have to push the stroller at the same time.

  4. happy birthday phil from dougs two friends
    nick rack cathy!!!!
    the lady sitting next to me in church on sunday was breastfeeding with hers right out in view – made it a little difficult to focus on the sermon!
    and then my wife sitting the otherside did the same thing!

  5. That was bold!

    I have to believe Genuine is collecting pieces and will one day put all the HNT participants together for a Full Frontal Thursday.

    (Notice that the picture is out of focus because the woman’s sheer beauty kept me from holding the camera still)

  6. Well, if we run into each other around town sometime, don’t be insulted if I don’t pull down the front of your shirt to confirm your identity! 🙂

  7. Wouldn’t be any worse than Amy tugging my shirt down and announcing “nipple” when we were in the crowded pediatrician’s office last month.

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