Tommy has weekly counseling and horse therapy and monthly psychiatrist plus regular detentions and Special Olympics. Sarah has student council (meetings & activities), art club, Girl Scouts, church choir and friends she wants to do things with regularly. Noah has Boy Scouts, church choir and wants to add karate to his schedule. Add in studying, school meetings, assignments & activities, doctor appointments, emergency room trips and extended family visits and needs. I have Scout leader meetings and activities, support group, reading, writing and blogging. Doug has scout leader meetings and activities, juggling performances and computer maintenance jobs. He also has home, car & computer repair and maintenance. Don’t forget holidays, birthdays, shopping, laundry, cooking and cleaning. I need a maid, chauffeur and chef. Doug needs an electrician, carpenter, plumber, mechanic and general laborers. I’d settle for a laptop and Doug would settle for a huge pile of cash. Well, we’d really enjoy the maid and general laborers too.Posted by Hello

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