Food –
Just as animal cookies are inedible after their extremities have all been eaten, bananas are toxic if there is any evidence of the *fuzzy string stuff that sometimes lingers after pulling the peel down. “Ewww, goss Mommy.” No amount of coaxing can convince Amy to eat it after seeing that stuff. Since Amy will usually try any new food at least once, I can’t really complain. I CAN complain about Sarah, who only eats foods that are white or yellow unless they are 90% sugar. I can also complain about Noah because he refuses to eat cheese or any foods that have touched another food. I can’t complain about Tommy’s food variety because he really will eat anything at all but I can complain about the fact that he eats a full plate in under a minute and then complains loudly about hunger. I’m sure Doug would complain about my neurotic avoidance of any food containing onions (blech). He doesn’t complain when I eat the red fruit slices first, the orange slices second and then give him the remaining yellow and green pieces. No, I’m not talking about real fruit slices. I’m talking about the candy that tastes like the inside of a jelly bean coated in sugar crystals. Yummy!
*Note – I was going to use the correct terminology and sound intelligent but after reading about songs, bike seats and drugs I gave up.