Every year when Girl Scouts sell their fall products (candy and nuts) and spring cookies, they also collect for community groups. No, they don’t collect money. They encourage people to buy one extra product and donate that product. Yes, I know it’s a way to sell more products, but it’s also a way to do a community service. As if it isn’t hard enough to try selling these products, it is also hard to choose where to donate the products. I have heard “If we don’t have enough for everyone, we don’t want any.” and “We don’t give away anything without nutritional value.” and several reasons that I’m not going to publish. So, I’m trying to develop a list of groups, agencies, etc. that WILL accept donated food products (ok, they are snacks not food). I am aware of the zillion group homes and non-profits in town and don’t really want to spend a week on the phone explaining this question. If you know of a group that you are certain would like to be on the list of interested recipients, please let me know.

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  1. Any collection for servicemen and women must be sent to a specific person, so if anyone has a relative in the military that wants care packages, please e-mail me.

  2. Hmmmm you could send the cookies to me….no? Ah well, it was worth a shot lol – never had girl SCOUT cookies before, it’s girl guides up here.

  3. I’d love to but I’d have to FIND a girl guide first. My daughter has absolutely NO interest so no love there and I haven’t had a girl guide come to the door in years.

  4. It may be a bit far, but I know some Girl Scout troops in the middle TN area sell extra boxes for the troops up at Ft. Campbell. They may have a need for any such food to send in care packages to our fighting men and women in Iraq.

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