Flood in the bedroom closet caused by broken air conditioner in the garage so we paid to have worked on by air conditioning service and repair Round Rock. We knew that we needed a new air conditioner sooner than later, I’m just glad this is happening in the fall so we have the winter to save up. The most impressive thing was how calm Doug remained. Only one small blow-up because I wasn’t cleaning up correctly. I’m disappointed because that was where I kept my “stash”. Whenever I see a treasure on a clearance rack I stash it away for the next birthday or holiday. The books are ruined as well as the Playmobile box, but it wasn’t a tragedy. We really need to Freecycle and trash a LOT of stuff from the garage so that Doug can get in there and work. Of course, then we have to find the time for him to actually do all of this. My head hurts. Now I need to figure out where to buy Goodman air conditioners. Today was a hard day (Doug and Tommy’s teacher had a tiff and I anticipate fallout) and tomorrow is going to be harder.

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  1. All it needs is nice dumpster, along with the 4 broken monitors, the atari st , four dead towers, 2 killed power supplies, 5 orphan fans and ancient video cards.

  2. But, our a/c unit is underpowered and either needs to be supplemented or made bigger in the long run.

    Alice, good info on KUB! Thanks for the heads up.

  3. did you know that KUB will allow you to put the cost of a new A/C unit on your bill? that’s how my parents got their A/C unit many many years ago. i think they break up the cost over about 5 or 10 years.

  4. Doug doesn’t like getting rid of things. We have a gazillion broken monitors, old desks and even a wall sized computer rack with hubs.

  5. I don’t mind throwing things away. I’m looking on the calendar for a day or two that it will take to clean. Has to be dry. Hmm.. Looks like a possible opening in February of 2007…

  6. i think lostdawill has seen the inside of my office/garage and dougs office
    though i must admit im down to one stripped out managed switch rack, 2 computer cases and 1 working 10 base T switch along with the boxes everything i ever bought came in and two drawers of old computer cables and screws and bits and 2 shelves of old modems, usb hubs and zip drives, plus a box of old sound and video cards.
    hmmm – maybe i hadnt got rid of everything after all – at least i dont have any dead monitors sitting on top of my filing cabinets blocking the sunlight eh doug?

  7. LOL well that makes better sense than the fact that they just can’t let go of junk. Hmmmm, does give you something to point to when they say – don’t you have enough shoes already?

  8. New shoes and purses should be considered by insurance since they treat depression. Purses always fit and new shoes make your feet feel new.

  9. oh and will your sinurance pay out on the damaged stuff – ours paid replacement cost on the piles of old magazines and text books, timber and carpet that got wet!

  10. Oh lord, I’ve had that garage. My ex is a computer programmer and it just KILLED him to get rid of any computer part. BT doesn’t like to get rid of computer bits either but I put my foot down – been there done that. Hell we had an Atari ST1040 with two enormous 20 meg hard drives (lol) for years and years and I could NOT get the ex to just let it go. I mean, why does anyone need 4 monitors that don’t work??

  11. Sounds like your garage needs a “clean sweep” – get rid of stuff you haven’t used for more than 2 years and organize orangize organize. Tough job but so worth it when you are done.

  12. The a/c is not broken. The condensation pump is broken.

    The garage needs to be cleaned. Just throwing stuff out doesn’t solve the problem. Things have to have a place and instead of putting things down, they have to be put back in their place.

    I failed to put my tools back in their place. Instead I put them in my path which meant that I couldn’t get to where I needed to go to put other things away, like the shop vac, so now instead of being in the garage, the shop vac sits beside my desk. Does it need to be thrown away? No. Put away. Yes.

    I don’t deny that we have stuff that needs to be thrown away. But we also have stuff that would be used if we knew where it was and could get to it.

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