Cliff Notes version of the past week – Thursday was a day of dog poo. Friday Noah went to the hematologist for bloodwork and more waiting. Friday night bonfire for 12 children created mess but much fun was had by all, especially Tommy and Becca’s brother. Saturday swimming and pizza with the Girl Scouts was fun. Sunday the children were tired and cranky. Monday Doug started a contract job in Oak Ridge. Tommy got in trouble at school and I had to go pick him up. Doug told the teacher she was letting Tommy manipulate her and she got angry. Noah played too hard with a friend and had a big nosebleed. I went to a Girl Scout leader meeting while Doug took the children to Noah’s open house. Today I pick Sarah up after Art Club and take everyone to Tommy’s horse lesson. Now we watch the weather and try to guess what it’ll be like Saturday for “War of the Wings”.

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  1. He was wrestling (pillow fighting) with his friend and looked battered. It’s the kind of story you wonder if his friend didn’t clobber him and he’s making up the wrestling to cover it up.

  2. Ouch – that nosebleed thing is really getting outta hand. Could just be capillaries too close to the surface of the nostril. The ex had that – would get a nosebleed if a cloud passed over.

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