I have my cell phone set to receive breaking news messages. Solar probes crashing, war updates, major weather stories (not the constant hurricane coming but we don’t know where stuff) and the like are actually good to stay aware of when I’m out and about (aka away from the computer). Why do they interrupt me with things like “Martha Stewart eager to serve jail sentence”. Celebrity stories are gossip, not news. Knoxville News Sentinel has the worst breaking news service out there. Their idea of breaking news is whatever headline is on their front page and anyone who has ever read their paper knows it is full of things that don’t really qualify as news. Raiding the local pirate radio station is news, stories about eating cicadas and fluffy feel-good pieces are not breaking news.

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  1. Think your kindly Aunt Fanny who had doilies on the furniture and cooked all kinds of yummy dishes for dinner – but then led a secret life as an evil business mogul that just got busted for insider trading.

    That’s Martha.

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