TV Talk – “Scrubs” is one of the smartest but least appreciated shows on television. Why did it get moved to a filler time slot this season? “Smallville” always ends their season with something that makes me grimace but starts back up with something that makes me want more. I am so glad they didn’t kill Chloe. I think she would make a great villain. I admit that I’m stumped on Lana’s connection to Clark’s past. Did I miss a clue somewhere? I was unimpressed by Margot Kidder’s appearance but of course I felt teary when she talked about “loving him in another life”.

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  1. Barry–Margot Kidder was in the show for about one scene as she helped them get out of a corner they’d painted themselves into plotwise.

  2. I love Scrubs but here in Australia it is even harder to find. That said, we just discovered an old episode on cable last night. It was the episode where JD has appendicitis…still very funny. We’ll probably get the dvd before they show the current shows here…sort of like Frasier which still has two seasons to go here. Sigh…

  3. Lana’s parents were killed by the meteor storm and she may have been affected by it somehow…heaven knows everyone else in Smallville was.

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