Another Commercial Break – East Tennessee bloggers, please buy a Knoxville Area Coupon Book for just $10? $7.50 of each book sold stays at the school and since we are spending about 15 years at each school we are zoned for I feel sorta obliged to participate. The children feel even more incentive with the coupons and trinkets offered based on how many books they sell. I will hand deliver the coupon books to your place of work. One trip to Home Depot (10% off total purchase up to $100 discount), Schaad’s, AC Moore (10% off total puchase) or Birkenstocks would pay for the book.

Three of the neighborhood children have knocked on my door asking me to buy the books and when I tell them that I have three children who attend three different schools selling them, they just look at me blank faced and say “But won’t you buy one from me?”

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  1. I bought one every year I was in Knoxville…sometimes two. I had a rule at church–I bought two things from the kids….coupon books and Girl Scout cookies. And the first kid who found me usually made the sale.

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