We aren’t Jewish so I guess it’s okay that we didn’t follow the rules last night. We’re not following the rules today either. Hmmm, maybe we should at least try to start fresh and let go of any resentments and grudges that are haunting us. I’ll start by not being bugged that nobody blogs on the weekends.

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  1. fortunately hebrews 10 removes the burden of keeping the specific festivals and offerings

    its a pity orthodox judaism has for 2000 years missed the point. its also a pity when churches try and hold people to other pointless legalistic ideals and then judge their brothers and sistes against their own standards (that they don’t keep anyway)
    I’ll shut up now!

  2. It’s pretty much become pointless to blog on weekends because virtually no one reads on weekends, and then whatever you blog on Monday is read instead, and what you blogged on the weekend is ignored 🙂

  3. SOME people do blog on weekends lol – take yourself for example. You wouldn’t want to follow the rules – just think of all the carbs in motzah LOL

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