Apparently five days without clean laundry is this family’s limit. Although Sarah could go another week without clean clothes, the rest of us need clean things, especially Tommy and I who are completely out of long pants/jeans to wear. I’m going to visit the nearby laundromat and learn how Amy acts in a laundromat. Should be fun, not.

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  1. Harvey Washbangers was expensive. On Old Row there was “The Mat.” I remember drinking underage and being too far gone to finish my laundry so I called some friends from the frat house across the street (Chi Phi–that chi doesn’t look right) and they came over and watched me finish and fold my laundry but rather than help me they simply watched to make sure I didn’t lose anything and had a good time watching me fold. Things got fussy and things got dark and I woke up in my dorm room with nothing to wear (other than the slept-in clothes). Every piece of clothing I had was sitting, folded and cleaned, on a faternity house couch! I was surprised I didn’t have to repurchase my whole wardrobe.

  2. I am actually looking forward to getting it all done at once. Plus I’m going to wash the dog’s bed while I’m there because they have the monster sized machines that it will fit inside.

  3. Just keep saying to yourself “at least I can get it ALL done in one shot”. It’s the only good thing about going to the laundromat – no matter how much laundry you’ve got it’s all done in just under 2 hours.

  4. The washer ate the pillow-form inside the dog bed. Now I have to hunt down a replacement filler because my very old and frail dog LOVED that bed.

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