my mother doesn’t DO celebrities

Since everyone quits blogging Fridays through Sundays (except for people like me who can’t tell one day from another), I’ll wait until Monday to say something offensive and tell a story today. Although my mother grew up on California military bases, both of her parents were from rural Middle Tennessee. When it was time for her to attend college they wouldn’t allow her to attend a California college (it was the 60s) and sent her her to UT-Martin. This was a very long way from San Francisco so short school holidays were usually spent with friends whose families lived in TN rather than make the long trip to California. One long weekend break she was touring Memphis with a friend. The two 18-year-olds peered curiously through a metal fence at a very large estate. As they were doing so, the owner pulled into the driveway and instead of opening the gate and driving past, he rolled down his window and leaned out. Elvis Presley waved and said “Hi girls!” My mother and her friend screamed and ran the opposite direction. “Why did you run?” is the question that they’ve been asked thousands of times over the years. The answer is always the same. “We thought we were in trouble for peeking through his fence.”

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  1. Dean loved your story…I’m not sure why he didn’t comment. I would take it personally. 😉

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