look, but don’t touch the celebrity

You didn’t like that story? Hmmm, ok here’s a different take on the same theme. I went to a private high school in Memphis that was within walking distance of what was then a nice hotel. One day a guy asked me if I wanted to cut class and go see Ozzy Osbourne. Always eager for a reason to miss History we drove over to the hotel and sure enough, Ozzy was sitting at the lobby bar making smiles and drinking with a beauty who was NOT Sharon. My companion in crime walked straight up to him and asked for an autograph. I decided immediately that it is cool to see a celebrity but uncool to disturb them uninvited. From that point forward I frequently cut class and went on other adventures just to see celebrities. I never stared or interrupted them, I just spotted them and felt like my mission was accomplished. I did learn that going downtown to the Peabody yielded MUCH better celebrity results than the Hyatt. I gave that activity up after high school and haven’t run into a celebrity since.

13 thoughts on “look, but don’t touch the celebrity

  1. A black eye?? ouch
    I agree with you about one thing though – I told my brothers the same thing – that I paved the way for all their teenager stupidity.

  2. HA if you were the youngest – then the older kids wore your parents down and let you do all KINDS of stuff the others were never allowed to do. As far as I’m concerned, my youngest brother got away with stuff that would have got MY ass whupped big time.

  3. I was musician focused but I did see Yul Brynner once. Joe Walsh (MANY times), the hairy ZZ Top guys, Adam Ant, etc.

  4. Lets talk about how you ruined my birthday by sneaking to a concert… and how mom n dad drug me down there to try to catch you among the throngs of people leaving… I think I was 9 or 10?

  5. Naw, I was just waaaaay cooler than the older sibs… I remember the time we had the speedballing party, and Mom started breakdancing with my friends until dad stole all the hash. It was great until the Feds raided the party. Luckily for me, my folks pinned it all on Cathy.

    okay, maybe not.

  6. Nice that you didn’t disturb those celebs you did see. I’ve always felt the same way myself. The only real celeb I’ve ever seen was Goldie Hawn – and she even said Hi to me (we were walking past one another on the street and I said Hello as I walked past).

  7. OMG – Get over it already! I went to a ZZ Top concert and our parents chose to try and make a big scene that night instead of pouncing me when I got home. You went out instead of doing nothing that night. I got a black eye from dad so i have no fucking guilt about that night. You wouldn’t have been allowed to do ANYTHING as a teen if I hadn’t done the things I did as a teen.

  8. That button worked… Its time to shelve the fridge box story and go with this one from now on.

    I don’t harbor any bad feelings about any of the dumb things you and Danny did, but I refuse to give you credit for “paving the way”. I give all credit to age.

  9. The only musician I’ve ever see right close up was from a Canadian band and you’ve probably never heard of him – Kim Mitchell. I must have followed him for nearly a half hour around a shopping mall before I decided it was actually him and very politely asked for an autograph of course I was all of 15 at the time lol.

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