Family Stuff – I brought the plants in a few days ago and Molly won’t quit taking the decorative rocks out of the planters. I keep finding them hidden like tasteless Easter Eggs. Noah’s Von Willebrand’s tests came back with the same results as the first test, normal is 50-150% and he tested in the 40s both time. Tommy forgot his lunch ticket for the zillionth time this year and we followed through on our threat not to run his ticket up to him again. He’s going to be majorly ticked. It’s not that Tommy is going to suffer by skipping a meal, he’s a very large guy. The problem is that Tommy’s day is centered around structure and routine and he thinks he MUST have three meals, two snacks and a drink at bedtime or his whole routine is off and he just falls apart. Yesterday I went to another m-team at Tommy’s school and watched a videotape of Tommy in class. I’m sure it drives the teacher crazy, but I thought it was pretty funny stuff. He had been evaluated this week by soeone who knew has known him for the past 6 years and they agreed with me that Tommy’s maturity level has changed almost none. When I think of all the years wasted focusing on his social skills and maturity while he didn’t even have a textbook because “he’s smart enough to catch up with the academic stuff” I feel like crying. Should be a fun night at soccer with an angry Tommy and the rest of us freezing our toes off. If it would just rain this afternoon maybe we’d get rained out.

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