One of Doug and I’s favorite weekend retreats is Chattanooga. It is less than two hours away but a very different town than Knoxville. Surrounding a downtown of historic hotels and a successfully renovated riverfront full of activities are beautiful mountains. Many of the people that live on the Chattanooga mountains are in the same communities where they were born and where they will someday be buried. Several of our escapes to Chattanooga have been without any children in tow. I’m sorry to be a cliche, but you can’t fully comprehend how different travel is without children until you have children. Doug and I were so happy to have an uninterrupted evening that with some previously undiscovered energy source we became the Energizer bunnies. After hours and hours of friskiness we were in an, umm, traditional sort of position and I jolted when I realized that I had accidentally nodded off. I was embarrassed and tried to recover quickly but I was coherent enough to recognize that Doug was trying to wake himself up as well. We both fell asleep! We roared with laughter and agreed to call an umm, cease fire for the evening. Doug and I love this story but strangely, people don’t get it when we try to tell it. All they hear is that we fell asleep and woke up at the same time. They don’t hear that we fell asleep after record-breaking, marathon quality intimacy. Either way, it’s was and still is a very funny memory for us.

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  1. And has anyone REALLY seen seven states, or do you just tell yourself that you have so you don’t look silly (like the one person who doesn’t get the joke)?

  2. I live 20 minutes south of Chattanooga, and it is a nice place. When we need a Target or good restaurant, that’s where we go. FYI – on October 25th, Bonefish Grill is opening! You’ve GOT TO GO and eat there. Get the filet with the oscar sauce (lemon butter sauce with lump crab and asparagus). It’s one of the top 3 best things I have ever eaten!

  3. Marathon intimacy… hmmm… yup, that’s one thing I didn’t want to read.

    Now, the clothing optional apartment idea…

  4. To get that image of my brother and “marathon intimacy” out of my head, I will tell my favorite tidbit of Chattanooga … I love the story of how in the Civil War, Lookout Mountain was such a strategic point, but when the troops pointed the cannons down to attack, the cannon balls just rolled out.

  5. Um, I like Chattanooga. I like the sound that it makes in the window when we whiz by it on the way to Atlanta.

    No, just joshin’ ya, Busy Dad is from there and my MIL is there. We go a lot. No initmacy stories that I can recall, though.

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