As I child, there were a few foods I was subjected to almost every week. My mother claimed that it was because they were easy to prepare and inexpensive but I know it was for another reason. There were about half a dozen foods that my grandfather forbid my grandmother to serve and yet we had to eat some of those foods all the time. As soon as you see the names of my mother’s two favorites to prepare, I’m sure you’ll figure out the reason for the food banning. Flavor and nutrition were not the reasons. I don’t think a week went by that we didn’t eat chipped beef on toast and fried spam. Know the reason?

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  1. The foods served heavily on the ships were NEVER to be served at my grandfather’s house. Fish was allowed only because the grandchildren loved it. Powdered milk was a big no-no too.

  2. They were probably staples to the military diet. We ate cheam chipped beef all the time growing up, but never the fried spam. I do have (strangely) fond memories of eating deviled meat on white bread during canoeing trips.

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