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  1. Barry you gave a good smile there. I have this image in my head now of Princess Aurora and a Bionicle shouting “trick or treat” while the adults who answered the door stand agast and Barry casually says, “This Halloween I’m a new born” Or “Like my new clothing?” and the Bionicle chimes in “He’s the Emperor.”

    I’m going as a juggler.

  2. I will be going as my new t-shirt (not as strange as it sounds), Mike will be a painter (as always). Mia (13) will be a pirate. Mica (11) is going as a dead punk rocker. Mikal (9) will be a Bratz doll. Bleu (7) will be a knight. Butterfly (4) is a spider witch. Jonathan (3) will be a fireman. And baby Echo (1) is going as Batman.

  3. I will be going out as a Titans fan…but that’s cause I’ve come into free tickets to the game.

    This year, it’s pretty scary and rare since a bunch of fans are jumping off the bandwagon.

  4. i will be little red riding hood. my 8 year old daughter is a ninja, 2 1/2 year old daughter is strawberry shortcake, 10 month old is a pig, and hubby won’t dress!

  5. Our kids will be Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and a Bionicle.

    I don’t have any opportunity to wear anything, and I wish I could…

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