A quick mention of some of the weekend plans before I drift into the usual weekend story telling festival. Tonight soccer game is rained out which means Noah won’t be missing anything when he goes to play Laser Tag for the first time. After Laser Tag he will be sleeping over at a friend’s house. Sarah will be spending the night with her best friend. We’ve decided that next year she and her friend will be Siamese twins for Halloween. Doug and Tommy might go to a haunted house tonight since Tommy has declared that nothing scares him. Tomorrow we will be going to the corn maze in Greenback with 100+ Cub Scouts and half a dozen Girl Scouts. I haven’t figured out how we’re going to fit the girls in our car yet and I’m hopeful it will be a drizzle instead of a downpour when we go. Sunday we have dog school in the afternoon. Sunday late afternoon we will set up for Trunk or Treat, get the children in costumes and spend the evening as part of chaos. Doug is going to juggle and I am going to hand out candy at our booth. Hopefully my parents will monitor Amy’s activities. It should be a lot of fun until Monday morning rolls around.

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  1. I love corn mazes. We would do this one in Iowa when we were out there, five acres of corn to wander around in. They had mailboxes places in the maze with puzzle pieces and as you went, you pieced together the maze so you eventually had a completed map. Lots of fun. But at Halloween, as the maze gets less dense, they turn it into a haunted corn maze and you go through at night, minus the map, insert scarry stuff instead. Never got to do that one…

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