Tomorrow is the day when most of us vote. When you go into the voting booth, you go alone because it should be YOUR choice and YOUR decisions. Your parents, spouses, children, ministers and everyone else can not make this choice for you. Don’t vote for ‘whoever someone else won’t vote for’. Take the time to read about each of the people and issues that will be on your ballot and vote for YOURSELF. Please don’t be confused by any of the last minute tricks that the different campaigns have pulled from their hats to try and manipulate your choice. Don’t listen to people who say your candidate doesn’t stand a chance. Look at what candidates have done and said and make an informed and educated decision that is truly your decision. Please, think for yourself.

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  1. I have never voted early, and actually enjoy voting on election day. Especially today – it was beautiful outside, and you got the sense being with a crowd of people that you truly belong in a free society. 🙂

  2. I volunteered to register people to vote on a few occasions this year and actually registered an 80 yr old woman who had never voted before, but felt she needed to now. That’s promising! I early voted as well!

  3. We did absentee for the first time this year. It was great – we sat down, read the voter’s pamphlet front to back, read candidate web sites, watched recordings of debates, researched facts, the whole shebang. Much better than our usual method of walking into the polls and filling the circle next to the name that sounds most poetic.

  4. Well said, Cathy, and it’s exactly what I did. We voted early this year. I can’t imagine why anyone would wait until tomorrow lol!

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