Molly got microchipped at the vet today. I told my mother and she asked me why we don’t microchip babies when they are born. I told her that sounded horribly Orwellian even though I know it’s not a new idea. I wouldn’t be opposed to some type of LoJack device that you implant in teens so parents can track their movements.

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  1. Cathy….don’t you remember the microchips are saves for those who are abudcted by aliens and the conspiracy needs to keep track of? It happened to Scully back during her abduction in season two of the X-Files….

  2. Haven’t you noticed that the needles they use for the flu shots are extra large. You think the only thing you are getting is a vaccine? Of course, the microchipped shipment of flu shots didn’t make their deadline this year so the story of the contamination. Just wait until next year after we are all microchipped!

  3. I actually had that conversation with a coworker. We were talking about the animals, and she mentioned she would like to do that with her kids just in case. So I mentally flash forward about 20 years to Big Brother keeping tabs on us. Then my friend Chris says to me, “Your cell phone has Enhanced 911 GPS so they know where you are right now anyway.” I still don’t want a tracking chip in me.

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