My angry and unhappy post – Voters in my state just don’t have the same priorities or concerns that I have. Next election I am going to place a large cash bet on all the candidates I don’t like. For example, one female candidate for Senate has won by a landslide. I attended IDEA hearings with several political officials, including this female politician. She believes that children with disabilities should have the same disciplinary consequences as their mainstream peers. This means punishing children who are not able to control their actions. If an Autistic child is very upset and you try to put them in a basket hold, they may very well bite you. Anyone who understands Autistic children knows this is the Autistic child’s only way of saying they are upset and in distress. To call this an assault and expel the child is denying the child an appropriate educational environment yet this Senator will push bills through to change the services which children with disabilities receive. Knoxville’s blackmail tax won and the result of that will economically punish the working poor and have little effect on the wealthy. The presidential election has been argued endlessly already. All I will say is that President Bush is not an intelligent man and the fact that so many will vote for him makes me seriously question the intelligence of Americans. Go ahead and get angry with me now.

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  1. Bush gave a good speech. I caught the beginning on radio and the end on television. I caught Kerry’s on radio and it was also very good.

  2. Election result? Does anyone in the US have any idea how bad it looks that you voted GWB again? Oh well,that was yesterday…
    Cathy, that politician is wrong. She is dangerously wrong in her thinking. Not all behaviours should be viewed from the perspective of ‘choice’ (which isn’t to say that having an ASD means never having to say your sorry). It’s just not that black and white and there is not one person in psychology or disability rights/studies who would agree with her. There’s lots of disagreements about labelling, therapies, causes, etc but no disagreement about ‘choice’ and consequences. What a stupid dangerous lady! Grrrrrr.

  3. I am disappointed, not bitter or tacky. I made an honest comment about GB’s intelligence that is based on HIS actions and words.

  4. I don’t know anything about your local elections but I so agree with you regarding George W. I spent all day watching election results here and it just makes me so ill.

  5. I really do think that Bush is simple minded (among other things) and I do ponder the reasons why people follow him. Sorry I hurt your feelings though.

  6. I voted for Bush and am in no way angry at your comments. To be honest, I am surprised at the bitterness and tacky comments made by many of you in the blogger world who voted for Kerry. It is so childish. Regardless of who is in office, I KNOW that the direction my life takes is determined by GOD — not George W. Bush or John Kerry. As far as getting what I deserve during Bush’s term. I will accept that. I am a single mother of 2 children who purchased a home DURING Bush’s term in office (my income is not close to being 6 figures). I have attended college with the assistance of scholarships & grants DURING Bush’s term. I have also been on the same job for the past 4 years, which again was DURING Bush’s term. If all of the above would not have occurred – I would not have blamed it on Bush. Peace.

  7. I voted for Bush. True, Bush has his faults. However, Kerry’s socialist agenda scared the absolute living hell out of me. Explaining why would probably get me called a selfish b*tch by some, so I’ll refrain.

  8. I’m not at all angry with you. In fact, I agree with you 100%.

    It’s going to be a long, difficult four years. Those who voted for Bush will get what they deserve. Problem is that the rest of us will also get it, and we don’t deserve it.

  9. It is too easy to say inflammatory and denigrating comments about either side and I’ve heard practically nothing but during this whole election time. Many of these comments and even falsehoods that I find out about on factcheck.org or urban legends are coming from the right, not the left.(but conservatives don’t seem to see that at all– they need to check out factcheck like Cheney said to do.) Personally, I would rather both parties stick to the FACTS and quit the character assassination.

  10. My wife hath offended! She is very sensitive and will certainly flog herself for it. Worse yet, I will catch the brunt of it. (But n’vr censor your comments on my account as we enjoy and appreciate them very much — as a bonus, my wife shall be taunted with “rude and insensitive” references all week — and for that I thank you!)

    From the perspective we view Bush, he is not a good choice of president considering the long term implications of his presidency. I am certain that Cathy did not mean to be insensitive.

  11. Not being an american I suppose my opinion doesn’t really matter much but I know from my perspective Dubya was not your best choice. I will admit that I don’t know all that much about american politics but just from the view of the things that have gone horribly horribly wrong during Prince Dubya’s reign I can’t understand how he could have been re-elected. Just my opinion of course.

  12. Point take, dj.

    Of course, I’m sure I will stir up some hurt feeling over on my blog when I say I think the absentee military ballots should be counted first before the in-question ballots in Ohio. I’m biased there as my father was career military and I know a lot of military people. but also, as I state in my blog, I think that we should count votes of the men and women who are laying it all on the line for us to have the chance to vote and then debate these points instead of a bunch of people who couldn’t be bothered to bring proper ID to vote.

  13. You know, we don’t disagree on much but to imply that people are stupid because we chose to vote for Bush is just plain rude and insensitive.

    I fully understand your frustration at the school system and the wheel tax, though. Living in Rutherford County, we pay soem kind of $10 tax to have the right to buy our renewal tags each year.

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