My beloved glass pig whom I have tossed pocket change into for 20 years has a large crack and must be replaced. This pig has rescued me many times in the past 20 years. I never ceased to be amazed at the amount of money it accumulated. It was there whenever someone lost a tooth and it was there when someone needed specific coins for school (100 pennies for the 100th day party) or scouts (dimes for Thinking Day). It was a strong and sturdy piggy bank that survived far beyond the cork nose that my dog ate the day I brought the glass pig home. I am going to search the house and garage for a new coin container but I can’t imagine it having the same place in our lives that the glass pig has had. Goodbye glass pig filled with shiny coins. You will be missed.

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  1. My personal coin collector is an empty 60 oz. rum bottle. You’d be amazed how much fits in there. Or you could always just pick up one of those empty water bottles – the kind for a water dispenser – BT has one and it works pretty good.

  2. Oh my word!! It sound like the same Nickle Pig as we called it bank my grandmother had!

    With a greenish tint and the cork nose that would be removed and you couldn’t look as you grabbed a handful of coins to jump the wall to grocery store to spend it on candy.

    Those thing Last for ever! There is one on sale via ebay listed here Maybe a new piggy can enter once mourning as past.

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