hormonal intolerance

Since I don’t drink I’m making myself a chocolate-eating game. Every time one of the items below happens this weekend, I’ll have to leave the room and steal a bite of the children’s Halloween chocolates. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, you can change the items to make the game work for you. I get to eat a bite of chocolate every time:
1. Someone crinkles their nose and sneers their lip up so that I can see the gums of their teeth.
2. Someone tells a marching band anecdote.
3. Someone tells Doug he should get a real job like Home Depot or Sears.
4. Someone criticizes our house.
5. Tommy talks inappropriately in front of visitors.
6. Amy strips naked.
7. Noah has an accident.
8. Sarah asks me to take her to the mall.
9. Doug talks about adding a wing onto the housegiving up sleep.
10. Molly pees on the floor.
I was going to add every time someone puts a marching band DVD in the player, but the only working DVD player is downstairs and NOBODY is going downstairs except me to eat candy.

7 thoughts on “hormonal intolerance

  1. Geez the very thought of marching band dvds is giving me cold chills. I can only hope your weekend isn’t as bad as you think it will be. My out-laws visiting always used to make me crazy too.

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