Except for some really nice pictures from this morning that I can’t put in the blog since we have no scanner, today hasn’t been an improvement over yesterday. Tommy and Doug are at each others’ throats. I don’t see the point in sending Tommy back to school tomorrow as angry and unhappy as he is right now. Tommy’s glasses have broken for the zillionth time (we were told last time that they couldn’t repair them again), so I have to see how quickly we can get him in for an eye exam before we invest in frames and lenses. I wonder if he should wear plastic basketball goggles or something to withstand the abuse he inflicts on glasses.

Update – January 19th is the next available with the only pediatric eye specialist in town. Regular eye doctors can’t cope with Autistic children. Looks like we’ll be using that lovely “taped glasses” look for a while.

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  1. I know about the broken glasses too. Jamie’s have been lost, broken and damaged in lots of unusual ways. The best one I thought was the time they were run over by the lawnmower at school. Have you tried the ones with the flexi-frames? They are meant for adults but the frames are made from something that you can bend forever and they won’t break.

  2. i was the bane of my parents life at that age breaking my glasses constantly

    have you thought about using sunglasses
    i now buy sunglasses, take out the lenses and get my lenses cut to fit.
    they are cheaper than presciption frames, more durable and look better as well.
    i use bill bass sunglasses.
    because of my astigmatism, i cannot wear the ones with curved frames but there are plenty of nice ones and mine also have the bendy arms.

  3. Man these glasses he has took so much abuse and survived that I would expect to see them in a commercial with a steam roller going over them and a guy picking them up and wearing them and saying “takes a lickin!”

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