Bad News – I still haven’t sold Noah’s old furniture and I need that money to pay for paint so he’s not moved into a tiny ‘pink’ room.

Good News – Tommy is back at school today.

Bad News – I’ve already had a phone call from Tommy’s VP.

Good News – I got a phone call from the eye Dr. and Tommy is going to take the spot of a child who is too sick to make his appt today.

Bad News – I have a major migraine.

Good News – LOST is on tonight.

One thought on “110070212348789927

  1. The fun little dilemna I’m facing is that I watched Day of Destruction the other day and didn’t realize it was 2part special… the 2nd part comes on at the SAME TIME as Lost! Ack! Gotta figure out how to tape the movie ’cause I’m NOT missing Lost 😉

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