How many black bears are in the Great Smoky Mountains? 1500-2000
How many black bears are in the Rocky Mountains? 27

I have a prize that needs a contest. For the next week, send me your little known facts, interesting information and anything else that makes the Great Smoky Mountains such a wonderful place. For every fact you send, you’ll get one entry in the contest. Thanksgiving weekend I’ll randomly pick one name and that person will get a copy of the book “Scavenger Hike Adventures in the Great Smoky Mountains“. I would love to hear from lots of the Rocky Top Brigade members, but if just my 2-3 regular readers enter, you’ll have pretty good odds of winning! No, I’m not collecting information for a book, just appreciating the beauty and wonder of the National Park that is my backyard.

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  1. Five forest types can be found in the Great Smoky Mountains. Together there are more than 130 species of trees, and 4,000 other plant species. They represent all the major forest types along eastern North America. As elevation increases within the park, it gets wetter and the temperature goes down. Each 1,000 feet of elevation gained is the equivalent of moving 250 miles north. It is so wet in places that part of the park is considered rainforest. All five types can be seen at once from Campbell Overlook, two miles south of the Sugarlands Visitor Center on Newfound Gap Road

  2. my thoughts
    i have heard of the rocky mountains
    i have never heard (before today) of the great smoky mountians
    bet you didnt know that before and now you are sooooo much wiser
    thanks me later

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