LOST – This is such a fun show to watch. Michael has a good description of this week’s episode. As usual, the episode ended with even more questions to ponder. I think the purgatory storyline no longer holds water. Are the whispered voices imaginary or evidence that the island is some sort of observatory? Which of the scientists was ill, the man she killed or Danielle? Is it the same illness that is taking over Locke? Is Danielle’s son alive? Danielle knows more about the creatures on the island and clarified that there are no monsters. How long before they go searching for her for more information and island maps? I’m still waiting to hear about how the scientists were using the black and white stones. Was it for voting on decisions? Are the writers making this up as they go (x-files) or do they have all the mysteries figured out?

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  1. From what I read, the writers have a plan of where things are going. If you look on my blog last week, you’ll see an article about Paul Dini talking at a con about the show.

    As for the island, it seems to be giving people things that are on their minds. It gave Locke the ability to walk, Walt was reading a comic book about a polar bear and one shows up, Charlie wants his guitar and finds it, Hurley knows they need rec time and finds golf clubs. Only thing so far they haven’t been given is Shannon’s asthma medication and peanut butter for Claire last week.

    Also, Locke faced the island and came out alive and changed…he went all Zen. Pilot guy facwed it and got mauled…coincidence–I don’t think so? I wonder if Danielle has looked into the heart of the island and come out all crazy…

    And where is her kid? Did she really have one? Was she real at all? Sayid went in serach of answers and got them–but notice that we heard Danielle whispering in the end. Was it real or was it Memorex?

    Oh, I love this show…

  2. One thing, though, just to pick on one point that has been repeatedl brought up:

    Yes, he read the comic book, then we saw a polar bear, which isn’t exactly tropical.

    But look at how many people are reading! Will we get the rabbits from Watership Down next?

    I like the ogre qualities of the show. Lots of layers…

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