Discounting all the babysitting I did as a teen, my first job was at a movie theater in a popular mall (image of Fast Times at Ridgemont High). When the movie Pale Rider was released, the studio decided it would be a good idea if they sent free passes to preachers since the main character is a preacher. Anyone who has ever actually seen this movie knows that it has nada to do with religion. There were preachers leaving the theater within the first 10 minutes and by the halfway point the theater was empty. They didn’t just leave. They complained and griped and demanded refunds for their refreshments. Return of the Jedi posters were originally released saying “Revenge of the Jedi”. When the actual movie was released, it was delivered to theaters at or after midnight so that theaters couldn’t have early screenings. Of course, everyone who worked at the theater stayed late and we watched a 2 a.m. screening.

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