The night before Thanksgiving my mother stayed up late cooking. Thanksgiving morning she got up early to finish the cooking and then she and my father took Noah to pick up my grandmother from the nursing home. Every time she plans on taking her mother out for something, a melodrama ensues that usually ends with my grandmother in the hospital. People with Alzheimers are similar to people with Autism in their need for routines. So, my grandmother is sitting and ready to go when my mother instructs Noah to go hug his great-grandmother. Noah is the sweetest little boy in the world, but the only thing Noah likes less than visiting his great-grandmother is having to hug her. As he stepped toward her and she stood up to hug him, she lost her balance and fell over backwards. Blood gushed everywhere as head wounds usually do but this was even better because of the blood thinners that my grandmother takes regularly. If you need all the details, learn at Sideeffectsofxarelto.org. Noah recoiled in horror, my mother went into hysteria mode and an ambulance was summoned. My mother spent the day at the hospital while my grandmother got 7 stitches and dozens of tests to make sure nothing else was injured. My mother ate her Thanksgiving dinner more than 24 hours after she started cooking it and Noah will probably never hug anyone again.

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  1. Poor poor Noah. Time to stop making him hug his great-grandma. Hope Thanksgiving was good other than that – god knows I’ve spent my share of Christmas days at the hospital with one or another of my family.

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