Once upon a time there was a mother. The mother was very distressed about the laundry pile that grew bigger no matter how hard she tried to make it smaller. The added stress of constant dirty dishes and general household disarray compounded by parenting, holiday decorating, crafting and shopping on a shoestring made the once semi-intelligent, college educated mother completely unable to think of a short story to tell in her blog. So the mother typed some pointless drivel and set out to run her errands, hopeful that something, somewhere would trigger a memory worth blogging.

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  1. Hey, how about your old boyfriend from high school (Randy? Barry?) who came to my elementary school when I was in 7th grade to talk about the evils of drug abuse (i.e. as his community service)?

  2. Thank you Matt, that’s really helpful. Yes, I’ve done a lot of stupid things and am considered the family screw-up. There’s not much more to say about that.

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