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  1. Have you heard that they want to start inducting “Rap and Hip-Hop” into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? What the Hell! None of these groups or people merit the honor, in my opinion. They havenÂ’t stood the test of time. I look at it this way. Will any of that crap be played twenty years from now? I really doubt it. Let them start their own “Hip-Hop and Gun-Fire Hall Of Fame”!

  2. No, no…what’s worse… Please stop using horrible songs that get stuck in our heads for commercials! “Hi there, Kati, how ya doin’?” Old Navy.

  3. Ok, I’m going to duck real fast after saying this. I love a good song in a commercial. Makes the commercial better in my opinion. Plus, gets me humming a good tune rather than an obnoxious bad one! 🙂

  4. What I want is these poseur “rap artists” to stop using old songs as either sound bites or to stop re-recording them. I was horrified to hear Puff Daddy or P. Diddly (or whatever he wants to called this week) totally DESTROY an old Led Zepplin song. Whatever made that man think he could sing “Kasmir” I don’t know but it was completely and utterly awful.

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