My Blogroll holiday wishlist (in no particular order):
1. A boyfriend for Mir.
2. Kristy appointed ‘Queen for the Day’.
3. Healthy babies for Julie, Nikka, Gypsy Girl, Cam and Juliepatchouli.
4. Book deals for Angela, Phillip and Dooce.
5. A great football season for Michael.
6. Happiness for Lost and her family.
7. New Cds for David.
8. An allergy cure for Jae.
9. Good health for Autumn.
10. A wonderful new year for everyone to blog about.

8 thoughts on “110201591919736491

  1. Thanks for the kind wishes…it’s already been a good football season for the Vols–any time you beat Bama, Florid and Georgia in the same year, it’s all good…

    Now if only the Titans and Redskins could put it together next year…

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