The rain has stopped. Amy is calmly resting (not sleeping) on the couch and the dogs are stretched out in the sunbeams on the floor. I gave up trying to sell Noah’s furniture and found someone who really needs little boy furniture and they promise to pick it up this week. Tommy’s school hasn’t called complaining yet. I am going to take a bath and then start on the Christmas cards. Maybe this afternoon I’ll do something special just for me. A real self-indulgent treat to destress. Something like tossing out the mountain basket of unsorted socks and buying everyone several new pairs.

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  1. I have one of those orphan sock baskets too. Every once in awhile I have a sock round up and wash every sock we find, if it doesn’t find a mate after the round up – out it goes. Of course then I need to do Hole Patrol and throw out all the socks that are basically a hole with some sock around it. Thank god for Christmas socks lol.

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