It is over 70 degrees here (gasp) and the sun is shining. Amy napped for an hour before Molly jumped on her looking for a playmate. The child support check came and when I put it in the bank, the teller gave us a lolly for Amy, a bone for Molly AND a peppermint for me. We have worked out a temporary arrangement for Tommy and although it terrifies me, I think it is in everyone’s best interest. The woman we gave Noah’s furniture to is so excited she’s coming by to get it tonight. I got my second Christmas card of the season in the mail and the words inside just made me feel good all over. Nobody made me feel selfish for wanting to start over on the socks! All the little things have just made today a good day.

From the card:
“Santa Claus comes for each child at the start. The rest of their lives he lives in their heart. If you are a youngster or wrinkled old guy, You can still hear sleigh bells ‘cross the sky’.”

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