I’m still annoyed about the Christmas card snafu. Shouldn’t the cards have had a note on the box reminding me to get extra postage? I should clean while the little people are tucked in their beds, but I really want to inventory my Christmas shopping and see what I have left to shop for before this weekend. I already know I have a lot to do but I need to know just how bad it is. The good news is that everything I have ordered from Amazon is now in transit to its’ destinations. The bad news is that it’s too close to Christmas to do any more online shopping without doubling the cost with shipping fees. The good or bad depending on your perspective is that we are up to 4 preteen and teenaged girls spending New Year’s night at our house. No, I won’t be publishing pictures. Pervs. How are your holiday plans shaping up?

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  1. Good lord – 4?? You are braver woman than me – I thought I was being brave offering to take the ex’s fiance’s daughter for the weekend before Christmas but you – you deserve an award. As for the christmas card thing, I’m sure that everyone will understand. I think your Post Office must be as money grubbing as ours – I couldn’t believe it cost me almost $2 a card to mail cards to my relatives in Scotland.

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