I dropped half my Christmas cards in the mail and took the remainder to the post office because I ran out of stamps. The postman informed us that my cards are extra bulky and will cost an extra 12 cents each to hand cancel. I can’t do anything about all the cards that have already gone out. My sincere apologies to every victim of my stupidity. I am so embarrassed.

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  1. You know our wedding invitations required extra postage and I checked at the post office before I mailed them, they really were BIG. But one of mickey’s friends who is getting married and having a big fancy affair, didn’t, so they sent out 250 invitations and everyone got a brown envelope owing 23 cents for the invitation in their mailbox. Now that is embarassing! I suggested they leave a change jar at the entrance of the Orangery where their reception is, so people could get their money back, ha.

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