I fly almost never so I’m mentally overpreparing in an effort not to worry about the teensy-tiny plane that I’ll board in the morning. I cleaned out my purse and removed the pocket knife, keys and hopefully anything that would make security cranky. I’ll buy a book to read once I get past security. I’m taking nothing but a purse and my cell phone. I need to choose between sneakers and birks which will have less metal. I’ll skip all jewelry except my wedding rings. It’s too cold not to take a coat and I don’t own a bra without a wire so I think I’ve done everything I can to make tomorrow’s flight to DC go smoothly. It’s a one-day, round-trip flight without luggage on an e-ticket so I’m sure I’ll get picked for extra harrassment every time I get on the plane. I don’t know what I’ll do during the 4 hour wait for Tommy’s flight. Is there a movie theater in the DC airport?

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  1. Depends on which DC airport you fly into….

    Neither one has a movie theater to the best of my knowledge…I’ve flown in and out of both.

  2. I forgot and left a pocketknife on my keychain a couple flights back…they make be take it off 🙁

    I’ve never had a problem with sneakers, and they make you take your shoes off and run them through the X-ray anyway so it really doesn’t matter.

    Guess you can’t do that with the bra, though. Well, maybe you can – could be entertaining for the security guys in the wee hours of the morning…

  3. The last time I flew was January of last year. My driver’s license is expired so I took my birth certificate. I flew out of Pittsburgh to Chicago with no problems. For the return trip, Chicago security had a huge problem with my ID. I got the whole electronic, scan, prodding treatment. I really didn’t mind. They were just doing their jobs to ensure everyone’s safety. I do recall hearing a lot of “Don’t you know who I am” complaints coming from those of the more fortunate class who were getting the same treatment. I had to chuckle. Why anyone was suppossed to care who they were was beyond me. Funny thing was I probably would have had a whole other set of security issues had they known I had just come from a Communist Party meeting. Hee Hee. Nothing would have convinced them that we aren’t really a bunch of radical subversives. Don’t believe everything you’ve read.

  4. Wear the sneakers – that way you will be more comfortable for the miles you will undoubtedly have to walk in the airports. I’d advise taking two books just in case one of them is so awful and boring you simply can’t read it. If you can take some snacks with you or take plenty of change to buy some – airports are dry places. They are gonna be interested in your underwire – be prepared for that wand passing over your boobs over and over, the metal SLIDES on my bra set the damn thing off.

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