Doug is finished working on my computer. I know he wants me to stop using IE but I have to adapt to a few of the other changes first. The software for my camera is not as easy as ACDSee and the new version of Outlook is cluttered with buttons that seem redundant, making the actual mail image tiny. On the bright side, he also got Tommy’s MP3 player working. Today is going to be spent getting ready for the big sleepover party tomorrow night. While you are all nibbling yummy horsdeouvres, I’ll be eating doritos and popcorn. While you are having witty conversations I’ll be listening to debates about SpongeBob. While you are wearing the perfect black outfit, I’ll be in my jammies getting wrapped like a mummy with toilet paper. Well, you get the idea. Now I’m off to Sam’s to buy junk food.

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  1. There’s more coming.

    re: “I know he wants me to stop using IE” I’m not a die hard hater of IE. Use what makes you comfortable.

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