much too young

Somewhere outside Franklin yesterday afternoon, my very young cousin was killed in a car accident. Her two tiny children were rushed to Children’s Hospital in Nashville and are in very bad shape. I will not be going to the funeral in Parsons this week. I know she’ll be laid to rest in the family cemetary next to her mother who lost a long hard battle to cancer several years ago. I remember Julie as a round faced little girl with a contagious smile and sweet, Southern drawl. I should be thankful for my family’s health and safety, but right now I’m sad. Hormones and lack of sleep have me weepy right now. Tomorrow will be better.

5 thoughts on “much too young

  1. I am so sorry to hear about this. As your cousin begins another part of her journey, I am reminded of the beautiful story about the people standing on a pier, watching a huge sail ship leave the mooring & head out to sea. In sadness, they watch the ship grow smaller & smaller on the horizon, & they cried, ‘There she goes.. she is gone.’
    While on the other side of the horizon, people are standing on a shore cheering, ‘There she is! Here she comes!’
    I know there is rejoicing for your cousin on that distant shore. Your memories of her and love & many kindnesses are forever..Blessings and prayers and thoughts for your family and her children.

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