I wake up every night and toss for 2 or 3 hours before I fall back asleep. Last night I woke at 3 a.m. and realized the cat was sitting an inch from my face, staring at me. I interpreted her message as “If you’re awake you should be petting me.” I reached to pet her and she angrily chomped down on my hand. I quickly re-interpreted her message as “Quit tossing around, you’re annoying me.” I turned my back to her, pulled the covers up high and hid my hands underneath the blanket. Cranky kitty.

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  1. Cats–the universe revolves around them, don’t you know. My cat sneaks into my bed at night and sleeps on my hair. When I turn over he complains bitterly for a full five minutes to let me know he doesn’t appreciate having his sleep interrupted.

  2. Cranky kitty would be a cranky greasespot on the wall if she tried that with me. Of course, cranky kitty wouldn’t be living in our house anyhow… hubby is severely allergic!

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