Doug’s so thoughtful

Once upon a time Doug was driving through downtown Knoxville and saw a woman walking down a busy street. He was riding in the Jeep without the windows and she asked him if he could give her a ride. They made it about a block before he realized he was not a good samaritan, but a customer. He let her out at the intersection and drove away embarrassed.

5 thoughts on “Doug’s so thoughtful

  1. I’ve been to Vegas twice in the last two years, and still am not sure if I saw one or not. It wasn’t obvious to me, and I went out and wandered the Strip several evenings…

  2. It was about 1am. I was a little taken back. I should have at least asked “how much” so that I could knowledgeably discuss pros.

    There’s a water cooler topic.
    Co-worker: “Got that trade show in Vegas next week.”
    2nd co-worker: “Man those things are hellish. You get no time to enjoy Vegas.”
    Co-worker, jokingly: “Darn and I was hoping to have one of those legal prostitutes.”
    Doug: “Oh, you could squeeze in an hour. They only cost ____.”

  3. The professionals around here don’t look sequiny and shiny like the ones on tv. They look kinda grimy and tired.

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