A VERY long time ago when I was just a child and my youngest brother was a toddler, our clothes dryer caught fire. Yes, my clothes dryer problems started with my ancestors. The flames were shooting out of the dryer, but my mother reached through the flames to unplug the dryer and drag it from the wall while shouting at me to take my brother next door. The fire department came, my mother had her burns bandaged by our neighbor and the entire house was a smoke disaster. My father heard nothing about any of it until he walked in the door after a full day at work. I don’t think my mother EVER called my father at work. Whatever the problem was, it was hers to solve during the day. I must have learned nothing from my mother’s stoicism. I rarely call Doug when he’s working, but I text message him about everything. In making fathers more aware and involved in their childrens’ lives I worry that we’ve confused and overwhelmed them into thinking that they must solve every problem.

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  1. I had an innate fear of fire for a number of years, stemming from a couple of incidents when I was a kid. The first was when a pan of grease caught fire my mom had on the stove. That caused me to go run and hide under my parents’ bed. The other was when the cardboard top of a box of sausage biscuits my mom had in a toaster over caught fire.

    Funny, my mom doesn’t even remember the second incident happening, but she remembers the grease fire.

    Those two things made me extremely hesitant to even strike a match for many years…

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