When I was a teenager, a boyfriend and I found what we thought was the perfect place for parking. It turned out that it was clean, quiet and safe because it was the edge of a golf course. Someone called the police and they came up quiet as mice only to startle us with their giant flashlights. They lectured us and said they might be contacting our parents later. Children of the 80’s were not armed with cell phones or educated by the Internet, so I went home and called the only person I could think of who would understand, the late-night rock station dj. He counseled me that they would have called our parents on the spot if they had been inclined to do so and that we should choose a better spot next time. That wasn’t a problem, because the incident cured me of any courage to go parking. Do radio stations even have live personalities at night any more?

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  1. About, oh…7 years ago, I found myself on the phone at around 3 a.m. with an overnight deejay. I was a wee bit drunk. It was after the death of my ex. I was crying the blues big time. Don’t remember if he was very synpathetic, but he did play the song I NEEDED to hear.

  2. ahh yess, I was 16, she was 17, we got caught parking out by the baseball fields. Windows fogged, half naked, we heard the rap on the window from the Military Police who were probably only 2 or 3 years older than us. We lived on an Army base. After that we walked out to the golf course by our neighborhood and used the green on the 14th hole.

  3. I was in Memphis in the old days. No, I was in Memphis until I graduated high school. I think that THESE are my old days.

  4. lol! Hate getting caught ..I was in my 20’s when I got caught last. Cruising down the road with hot biker boy …for whatever reason I was doing something I should have known better to do!! The boy had managed to come out of his pants while driving ..when he got pulled over he was asked to step out of the car …but wasn’t quite able to do that …so we had to explain what had just happened to this hwy. patrol guy …how embarrasing!!

  5. wow, great new design! love it

    I think am stations do, but not fm. It’s all corporate on fm. Same company owns like the entire country.

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