Once upon a time there was a family who took forever to get their Christmas tree lit and decorated. When it was finally up there was much rejoicing. At the beginning of January it was time to take it down. The 8-year-old frowned and asked “Can’t we just take it to the garage all put together so we won’t have to wait so long next year?” The 2-year-old cried crocodile tears and pleaded “Tree, tree, come back tree. Fix it please!” I wonder what next Christmas will be like for these poor, traumatized children.

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  1. We’re in the middle of an addition, and at christmas, we had pieces of the new rooms all over our old rooms. No room in the end for a tree.

    But, we did spend christmas at my mom’s, where there was a tree. The 18 month old kept trying to eat the ornaments, and the 4 year old kept knocking things over.

    I think I’m glad I didn’t have a tree!!


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