Before Christmas Noah asked for some boxers “like Dad wears”. I bought him one pair at an after-Christmas sale and he just noticed them yesterday. He was even more excited when I gave him permission to run around the house in just his new boxers and a shirt. After wearing the new clothing for all of five minutes he asked me to “trade all his old underwear in for more boxers”. I guess he liked them.

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  1. For me it depends on what kind of pants I’m wearing. Boxers are fine with khakis or dress pants, because they’re looser. They don’t work with jeans, though, because they bunch up.

    The boxers, that is. 🙂 Well, I guess depending on how tight the jeans are, everything kind of bunches up…

  2. I’m convinced that like the way Oriental women used to have their toes bound that the brief is an attempt by some small statured guy to bring the rest of society down to his measure.

    Umm.. tacky comment for the day?

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