This is the post where I insult and annoy everyone. What are your favorite boy names? Wait though, there are rules. No gender neutral names allowed. No creative spellings of regular names. No celebrity-child names (“Apple”). Since I live in the south I have to add, no Civil War generals and no multiple-part names like “Billy Joe Bob”. Before you get offended, some of the rules are my personal preference but most of them come from the misfortune of having a dual major in Sociology and Psychology. There has been a lot of research on names and for the most part, only people from upper socio-economic backgrounds can succeed in business with unusual names. Those of us who are working our way through life do better with strong, traditional names that instill trust in people. NOW you can get on your soap boxes and tell me how wrong I am OR you can just tell me your favorite boy names. Just don’t be too mean or I’ll cry.

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  1. Forgot about Aiden and Connor. Everywhere I take my sons (school, sports, music) there are at least a couple Aidens and Connors in each class.

  2. here are the two names we chose for boys abd couldnt use (cos we had 4 girls!)
    Andre Devin and Ryan Thomas
    have fun!

  3. Hmm. Strong, traditional names, eh? I’ve always been a fan of Adam and Ryan. You need a name that you can visualize for both a child and an adult. Something like Chance is cute for a little boy, but do you honestly want to be an adult named Chance?

    I wouldn’t name a kid Galen or Serge unless I wanted him to get beaten up regularly, and I strongly oppose nontraditional spellings, e.g., Oughen. If you name a kid Oughen, he’s going to have to spell that for everyone for the rest of his life. If you want to call a kid Owen, just name him Owen. It’s easier on everyone.

  4. Hmmmm, boy names are sooo hard. However, I love the name Michael – that’s my husband’s name, but I see it on your site, so maybe you’ve already got a Michael in here somewhere.

    Other names I like are Galen, Serge, Oughen (its the celtic spelling of Owen), Jacob…. I think we also like Enoch at one time, but that one might be a little weird.

    Friends, Lara

  5. I have an 11 year old, named Warren Michael. I wanted something traditional and different at the same time. I wanted a name that wasn’t so unusual people would think I smoked funny weed, but I also wanted a name that wouldn’t have 15 people in his class with the same name. Michael is his dad’s name, and his dad’s middle name was his dad’s first name and so on. So if Warren has a son and follows tradition his middle name will be Warren

  6. I like Christopher, Nathan, Benjamin, Donovan, Adam, Brady, and Drew. These are names that I like and don’t seem to have any associations with other peoples children when I hear them. Having been a teacher and all it is sometimes hard not to see a certain child when you hear a name.

  7. I like the name Seth, he was the child of hope for adam and eve after that cain and able fiasco.
    If I have a baby, I will name it Jessie frances (girl) or Jesse francis (boy), so I have mine figured out. Family names and I love the name Jesse. Seth was my next choice for a boy. I also like Tyler, Cody, Thomas and Christopher.

  8. I like the name Tyler since it is my oldest sons name, it is simple but a name that grows with them.

  9. I like using a family name for the middle name. Jeni’s brother’s middle name is York, just like dad’s middle name is Denny. My boss’s neice is North, and another is Mercedes. This is a trend among people who grew up without money, but have money now. Jeni says she likes the name Conner, but I would spell it Connor. Connor William, Cathy could call him CB. There’s always Elmer… hehehe.

  10. I was walking the Elmer path! (Elmer was our grandfather’s name. He was rather offended that Dean wasn’t named Elmer) Now you have me racking my brain on Denny as a family name. I’ve got to dig out the family tree now.

  11. I’m kinda partial to my boys’ names… you already have a Noah, though! My Noah’s middle name is Luke.. And I have a Joel Mark.. I also like the name Bart. (Looks like I like 4-letter names!)

  12. I’m partial to strong, tradition names like Charles, James, Michael. I also like Aidan as well. Aidan Charles, I think, if I ever had a boy.

  13. Our grandfather called me “Little Elmer” for the first nine months of my life, despite the fact that my parents went with Richard, his first name, instead of Elmer, his middle. I do find myself torn on the use of the middle name as the call-name. That has been a family thing (and a Southern thing) with the exception of our sister, but it does cause some confusion. On the other hand, it does help screen calls… “no, no Richard here.”

  14. Since this will be Doug’s only male child, should it not be named after him and keep the tradtion going? I know Doug is William Douglas and his father is William Denny, so how about William David? William Donald?

  15. This child will not be called by his middle name since none of the other children are called by their middle name. Doug has three sons, not one.

  16. Well, I like my son’s name, Parker. Daniel is a good name, too. Danny when they are little. Daniel when they are in their teens and twenties. Dan when they are older. It’s name that grows with you. Of course, I don’t know your last name and that should always be taken into consideration, especially for a boy, since it isn’t likely to ever change. By the way, I love your site.

  17. When I was pregnant with the kids I wanted names that wouldn’t get their asses kicked on a regular basis. I went with names that they could call themselves pretty much what they wanted when they were adults – James – Jamie, Jimmy, Jim, Jay. Andrew is a another good name for that as is Alexander. The tradition in our family (maybe all of Scotland for all I know lol) is to use a maiden name as the middle name – my dad’s middle name is his mothers maiden name and my mothers middle name is her grandmothers maiden name.

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